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Insurance law, in return for a premium of the insurer, compensates for the occurrence of a danger or risk that harms a monetary benefit of the person, or pays a money or performs other actions due to the life span of one and/or several people. It is a branch of private law within the scope of commercial law, which examines the contracts it undertakes and the rights and obligations arising from these contracts.

Insurance law cases vary according to the type of insurance or the type of accidents that may occur. First of all, Liability Insurance covers compulsory insurances in general. Although the damage caused in the accident seems to be the person’s own damage, the insurer’s damage must also be protected. Therefore, Liability Insurance is generally intended to protect the rights and property of third parties.

Property Insurance

In property insurance, the insured’s right on a property, and his/her interest, is insured. An example of this is Earthquake Insurance or Fire Insurance. This benefit must be measured in money. Property insurances are as seen below;

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance
Construction Insurance
Fire and Profit Loss Insurance Due to Fire