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Labor Law

Labor Law is a branch of law that examines issues related to workers’ rights, working conditions, workers’ wages, labor unions and employer-employee relations. Labor law is generally regulated by national labor laws in countries included in the Continental European legal systems. As a rule, labor disputes are heard in labor courts. In places where there are no labor courts, the court of law is heard in the civil courts.

Employment Law

Especially in today’s modern workplace, it is vital for any company with even a single employee to keep up with current employment laws. Does health insurance or workers’ insurance need to be provided; Did businesses discriminate against an employee, or did they stand by while one employee sexually harassed another? There are many areas where your company may face major financial liability, and potential reputational damage occurs when employees are treated unfairly.

Immigration Law

There are many situations where immigration law becomes an issue in modern businesses. Temporary workers, full-time workers and special event workers may be from other countries. When dealing with foreign labor, it is necessary to know whether the laws are followed.

Contract Draft and Negotiations

Whether for a property lease or the sale of a product, contracts help ensure that the dealing parties are on the same page. Lawyers can help you make sure your interests are best represented when your business enters into a contract.

Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws help ensure that different businesses in a market operate on equal terms. Some companies resort to unfair or deceptive practices to gain more market share, and it can be difficult to detect unfair behavior in their own companies. A business lawyer can help to make sure things run ethically while helping protect against the unfair actions of other companies.

Intellectual Property

Businesses are required to patent unique products to protect this business in the market. Otherwise, anyone has the potential to sell a product your company has worked. Copyright laws will protect creative work and you will need to apply for protection if your business is identified by a unique logo.